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This is what can happen to your ass when you fall off a ladder

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 So I decided to go up a 20-year-old broken ladder  to fix the tarp for a party. And yes !!! I fell off and busted my ass smh.  Read more

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 You should connect with me on Instagram so I can stay connected  Read more

Fireplace photo shoot

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Wanted to apologize to all of you out there.  I've been really busy and haven't had a good chance to add my blog, so here you go!! Read more

Letter from my Fan

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Dear Jessica, Here I want to congratulate Xmas and new year and thank you for the joy you give me by your superb modeling as a slim gorgeous model with extremely attractive body and smooth white skin especially when you cover your slender legs and feet in stockings or socks that makes you look like a classic proud model. I almost masturbate on your galleries in stockings every day. For some humor, I enjoyed a picture of you where you are in just a pair of stockings looking awesome. This photo of you in stockings is in attachment. To show my honesty, I print a paper and say "Stockings should be worn just by JESSICA" and showing it to you in the other photo in attachment. You are almost in a very revealing low-cut cloth but in a pair of fashionable STOCKINGS while I'm FULLY-CLOTHED but BAREFOOT showing this paper to tribute you. I hope you like the contrast between your hot luxurious clothing and my simple naive clothing in these two photos in attachments. Excuse me for wasting your precious time. With great respects. Your fan Read more